Our Story…

We combined 1 part broker, 1 part software guy, 3 parts coffee and 18 parts wine… to create something AWESOME!

We invented MyRealtyWorks to solve Real Estate Industry Problems.

Today, the real estate industry is ever evolving and changing rapidly. New regulations, tools, requirements and consumer needs are pushing professionals to stay up to date and on their toes. EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY!!!

For the average real estate agent, working even the simplest of real estate transactions requires a great deal of time and coordination to get everyone on the same page and push the deal through.- buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, title companies, lenders and more.

In addition, the real estate industry itself is one of the few, if not the only industry, where real estate agents often need to work with their direct competitors to get a deal closed. Think about it!

Agent’s representing a buyer from one broker have to work with agent’s representing a seller… usually from another competing broker. They both need to share information about each of their respective clients just to get the deal done. How crazy is that?

MyRealtyWorks Sales and Marketing Software for Real Estate
Real Estate Software Costs - HIGHER than MyRealtyWorks

All of these systems we were using were costly – VERY costly.

This presents a real challenge for real estate professionals because they need to  track private details about their client’s – but then also need to possibly share some of that information with other people they work with.

And up until now – there weren’t any good systems met these specific needs in a single solution. Instead, people tracked customer details using multiple tools and shared information using email and SMS texting.

The problem is… these tools are costly, they require a lot of upkeep,  and they make it challenging to find information and keep it updated. A simple update to a client’s status requires editing their details in multiple systems. What’s more – communicating client information using email and SMS is both tedious and NOT SECURE!

We know this as a fact – because we are real estate brokerage with a team of 10 who lives it. Doing things “the industry way” cost us a lot of money (see the image to your left), caused us to be disorganized and limited the growth potential of our real estate agents.

So… instead of adding yet another system to the mix – we decided to create a different one. We set out to build something that would work for us and for others that we did business with – agents & brokers, mortgage & title companies, contractors and vendors, etc.. Thus – the MyRealtyWorks was born

The MyRealtyWorks Suite and Community is pure GOLD!

Created by real estate professionals, the goal of MyRealtyWorks® is to bring people together in a private real estate community AND give them a fantastic tool-set to do business with.

Think of it as a client management system (like Salesforce.com) with a built in social network (like Facebook) … and a file storage system (like DropBox)… hooked up to your email and text messaging. Simply awesome!

As a result – real estate agents, brokers and vendors finally have a solution that they can run their business on AND where they can securely share information with each other. All in one solution. MyRealtyWorks®!

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